Thursday, 8 September 2016







There are six concerns here:


1.              The Wind Farm but note, this has been challenged by SOCME for number of years gone before Swansea Council twice, voted against once but on appeal got a ‘Yes’ from the Council. Betime second appeal REW had bribed a number of local groups as OSPREYS and other. So, essentially the MYG WF is on, fin? However, stop the RWE Road and we stop the WF, thus focus here.


2.              The RWE Construction Road across the Seven Hills, this is what the last Inquiry was about and I have no doubt that even if Inquiry goes against, then WAG can turn down and give the go ahead still. There is no way RWE will allow anything to stop this road and waste years and money advancing an Alternative Route and so I believe this Inquiry break will allow RWE to go around with further bribes to the ‘Graziers’ and do keep in mind that the inquiry is about getting Land off the ‘Grazier’ in a land swap coupled with land exchange and finnancial pay off. Thus note the ‘Graziers’ via the inquiry are advancing their interests and that is what I heard by chance is I am pretty clear where their interests are ££££££ and are just likely  expect a sell out as the farmers did re Mynydd y Betws. Please note Issues other than ‘Graziers’ interests concerning this road, other than devastating the Landscape and descrating ancient and Medieval archaelogical setting. Both issues for us to be concerned with but there is another issue that is off great concern which I have seen no focus on or protest on, let alone being raised at the Inquiry and it is this and as important and could be a stregnth to our campaigning:


    3  This is the use of the roads from Motor Way and later Swansea Docks to the ‘Bolgoed Quarry’ RWE Road entrance via Bolgoed and also maybe via Penlliw. Now these are narrow roads and will cause House foundation problems as heavy vechiles pass by for up to five years? Not least re the three small private housing developments near ‘Bolgoed Quarry’ entrance. What are local Community Councils and Councillors doing about this? This is in itself a major matter to suss out and do something about, maybe Sian Ciach of People First could help here any Plaid Cymru Councillors in these locations to alert? If no one found to focus here, maybe at least an ‘Open Letter’ to local Press and Councillors asap. Anyone up to writing such fast and advising future campaigning.


4: Very important there is a major protest at RWE start at ‘Bolgoed Quarry’ entrance, got to be big with also setting up of a permanent Protest Picket/Blockade (Ysbryd Beca Bolgoed Barricade/Blockade), even if only token rota protest presense, if possible and that will take organisation. Note then first stage of the RWE Road is via Bolgoed Uchaf farm up towards Gopa Hill via Farm and Common Land (needs sussing as does local foot paths, re protest potential). On Gopa Hill  it is RWE intention to establish a Road Construction Cammand Post, it is thus on Gopa Hill we must seriously consider establishing a  Camp Daniel Lewis (use history of Becca attack on the Bolgoed Tollgate).


5: Further to the above of great and possibly main concern is the Land and Liberty Issue and a campaign to get English Aristocrat Duke of Somerset (Beaufort) out and off this land ‘Somerset Field’ aka ‘Beauforts Bountry’, for it to be communalised – Put in Cymric Ownership. It is in our interest to use this campaign as one to launch struggle against all old and new Conquistadores and stop Cheque Book Conquest and restore our National Sovereignty to this land.


6: Priority, there are a number of Common Land areas being seized protests need to be held on all of them over the coming months and Placards placed on them and posters tied to all and any fence work. Not least the Land and Liberty Red Pitchfork flag raised on all.


7: At moment we need more recon with photos, a Drone might be useful here can anyone handle such.


      REGARD PROTEST WEEKEND OF 16 – 17 – 18 MEDI 2016, there were a number of locations suitable for a Rali Glyndwr on ‘Dydd Glyndwr’ 16  MEDI . But this time around our attention needs to focus on Bolgoed, Goppa Hill and Somerset Field as well as generally campaigning over a wide area, rather than holding one rally at one location?